Frequently Asked Questions

My current wholesaler has offered to match VBG prices. Should I take their offer?

By agreeing, you will lose the group advantage and the continued monitoring of prices to protect your savings. The discounts you will receive off your drug purchases is only one area where your practice will save. Even if they match VBG’s drug prices, you cannot forget about the direct, drug,  printing and insurance discounts, supplier cash back rewards and free business resources and tools you also receive as a VBG member. Your current wholesaler would have to better your drug prices by over $10,000 per year to be offering a better deal. Your drug supplier alone would have a hard time matching the total benefits you will receive from being a member of the Veterinary Buyers Group.

Can I still order from other companies?

Yes, you can order from other companies. Veterinary Buyers Group simply ensures you receive the appropriate member discounts, rebates, and program benefits from our business partners. We require you to spend at least 80% of your total drug bill with our preferred wholesaler to enable the group to continue to have the purchasing power needed for optimum discounts. This only makes sense too – the more you spend with them, the greater your savings. Veterinary Buyers Group will be here long term, so it’s important that we nurture the relationships we have with our business partners.

How do I place my drug order?

You place your order directly with our partnered wholesaler. It’s important you have a personal relationship with them and the Veterinary Buyers Group does not dictate what you can and can’t order.

How much will I save?

The amount of money you save through the Veterinary Buyers Group depends on how much you spend with our business partners. A large practice will obviously save more than a smaller practice as they are spending more. Membership fees will not commence until your second month of membership. Your first month is free, so you can learn about all of the savings you are now entitled to!

Are there any joining fees?

No, there are no joining fees. Membership is just $200 plus GST per month – a fraction of what you’ll save. Your annual membership fee can generally be recouped in the first 2 months. Membership fees ensure we have the necessary staff to routinely monitor prices made available to us, source new partners, deliver your regular newsletter, develop free resources and monitor social networks.

Will the savings be extended to other areas?

Yes! We are constantly seeking new deals so we can all save on practice expenditure. We will meet potential partners and negotiate savings on behalf of the whole group.

Will I lose my independence by joining the group?

No. All we ask is that you purchase at least 80% of your drugs from our partnered wholesaler. This is important for the group to continue long term. We will not be involved in any part of the day to day operations or decisions you make for your practice. You do not have to take advantage of all our partners offers but we encourage you to order from them to get as much benefit as possible.

Who will ensure that we are getting the best deals possible?

VBG staff will be responsible for growing our membership, ensuring we get the best deals possible and to keep in touch with you – the members, so we can continue to develop the support you need to build a successful business.