Welcome to the Veterinary Buyers Group

Supporting practices to build their future

We know now more than ever the desire to remain independent in your veterinary practice is increasingly important, yet you probably also need the financial benefits of being part of a larger group of practices.

However, we also believe there’s another aspect that’s important for a successful veterinary business – and that’s the concept of Community. Owning and managing a veterinary practice can be tough but when you are a part of a group of like-minded owners who share ideas and support, it can make meeting the challenges of leading your successful veterinary business much easier.

The aim of the Veterinary Buyers Group is to build a community of like-minded, independent veterinary practice owners who, just like you, are keen to grow their business, develop their business skills and build their future.

Our goal is to partner with companies who can offer not only the best deals for your veterinary practice but are also interested in offering the support you need to build your business.

Who is behind the group?

Business partners Marianne Conolly and Dr Michael Woodcock are the driving force behind the Veterinary Buyers Group. Together they own The Vet Lounge, three successful veterinary practices based on the Gold Coast, the first of which opened in Coomera in January 2010 with no clients but a strong brand and clear goals. Two more practices followed and today the three clinics meet the needs of over 7000 active clients and employ over 20 staff members.

Both Mary and Michael work in The Vet Lounge every day and understand all too well the challenges of working in as well as working on their business. They are also constantly designing and trialling business tools, systems and marketing concepts to further develop and build their practices and once perfected, are happy to share them with VBG members.

Remaining independent whilst also building a profitable veterinary business is essential to both Mary and Michael and they also understand that developing a strong, resilient Veterinary Buyers Group will help all members to build a successful future.

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