Keymacro is a nice, unobtrusive automation tool to be used in Office applications like PowerPoint, Excel and Word. The app has all the features that its other colleagues have but goes a bit further.
Keymacro allows users to create macros for almost all PowerPoint commands and actions. It’s a great tool to be used by users that usually work with Office applications and are not too fond of ‘command-line’ solutions.
User can edit and preview all commands by pressing F1. Keymacro uses a very clean GUI, which is easy to navigate and understand, giving the user the ability to create macros that are actually well written and easy to use.
Keymacro offers a set of predefined macros to be used, but it also has the ability to create new macros by hand. The generated macros can then be used in PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets and any other Office application where macros are used.
The most basic macros are to be used, although the developer has added the ability to create more advanced macros. Also, there are macros that will be used by the developer to insert the Keymacro logo in the presentation.
The macros are divided in to two groups. The first one are the ‘By value’ macros that can be used with commands that has a parameter. The second group is the ‘By key’ macros that are used when the user inputs a keyword.
The macros are automatically saved in the Keymacro user directory. The user can also add macros to the program by dragging and dropping them in to the program, which allows the user to save the program and take it wherever he/she wants.
Keymacro supports custom hotkeys, so you can add hotkeys by clicking the plus icon on the top left of the application.
When you finish with the macros, you can export them to.docx or.xlsx documents that include all the macro content in the body of the document.
The program will continue to work even when the PowerPoint file is closed, if the export file is saved.
Basic Features:
– Macros for all commands and actions in PowerPoint
– Several predefined macros
– Ability to create macros by hand
– Macro templates that can be used to create new macros
– Macro editor
– Preset macros that can be used to insert the Keymacro logo
– Macro can be saved to a location
– Macro name, parameter and description can be changed
– Macro can 384a16bd22

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Meteor: Can I login on a mobile device and still be able to see client/server logs?

I am building an app for mobile using Meteor. One of the features of my app is to login and be able to view client/server logs. The reason I want this is because it’s very difficult to keep in mind what happened with a specific user on a specific day. I have a few questions about this:

Can I access client/server logs using a mobile device?
Can I access client/server logs using an iPhone?
Does Meteor enforce security on the client/server side? Does it require you to encrypt the connection?
If there is no encryption then how does the user’s password/login credentials get encrypted on the client side?
Is the connection secure or can the login credentials be intercepted?
Is there a way to mitigate the risks that come with logging in with a mobile device? For example, you have no access to the clear text of the connection, no encryption, no authentication mechanism and there is no direct access to the server.


Yes, you can access server logs. I tested this with my Meteor app on the iPhone.
Meteor doesn’t enforce security. In fact, the server is insecure. There is no encryption (or at least, it’s not SSL). The user’s password can be intercepted in the clear if the user opens the app on a phone that has access to the data connection.
See this talk by Matt Grundy (one of the Meteor core team) on secure password hashing.


You should be able to connect to the server. The way to get the log file would be to use the read-only endpoint in the log directory ( The client side security is determined by what you pass into a call to log.error (see
The whole point of the Meteor framework is to allow theшµш§щшєш-щшєш±шёщљш-1/